Best join group trekking in Thailand!

1 day, 2 days, 3 days or more with overnight sleep in hill tribe villages at incredible and limited prices, UP TO 40%!

Highest peak

1 day Kew Mae Pan & visit

Chiang Mai 1 day ฿ 1700 ฿ 1560 thb/pers.
Non touristy

1 day group trekking non touristy area

Chiang Mai 1 day ฿ 1700 thb/pers.
Non touristy

2 days 1 night jungle trek in non touristy area

Chiang Mai 2 days 1 night ฿ 2200 thb/pers.
100% Wildlife Discovery

Khao Yai National Park Wildflife Discovery

Khao Yai 1 day ฿ 2000 ฿ 1950 thb/pers.
Budget trekking

Adventure trekking 1 day at Maetang area

Chiang Mai 1 day ฿ 1500 ฿ 1350 thb/pers.
Budget trekking

Adventure trekking 2 days at Maetang area

Chiang Mai 2 days 1 night ฿ 1800 ฿ 1500 thb/pers.
Amazing island viewpoint

Day trekking in the tropical forest of the island

Koh Chang 1 day ฿ 1400 ฿ 1320 thb/pers.

Where can we do a trekking in Thailand?

Discover many hiking and trekking tours during your trip to Thailand, mainly in the forest and mountainous regions of the North Country. These hikes take you to discover the ethnic villages that populate these unknown regions, in the midst of fantastic landscapes.

The main treks of Thailand are organized around Chiang Mai, cultural capital of the country nestled in the heart of lush vegetation.

You can take a trek of three days, which will take you first to Mae Malai, to visit the market and the waterfall, and after 2 hours of walk, to the charming village of Karene.

The next day, a 2h30 walk to the elephant camp, for a magical experience near the pachyderms near the village of Mouseu. On the third day, after a bamboo raft ride on the Maetaeng River to Bane Sopkai, you drive down to Chiang Mai.

You can also do a lighter trek of only two days, towards the village of the Hmong tribe (4h walk, 1200m above sea level). The next day, after stops in the Lahu and Hmong tribes (2-3 hours), you stop at the waterfalls for a swim in the heart of the forest. You can go down part of the Tang River by rafting, then by bamboo raft. Return to Chiang Mai at the end of the afternoon. The accommodations during these treks are typical and rudimentary.